[Scribus] CYMK problem

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Wed Sep 7 20:19:11 CEST 2005

Hi Cor,

> Now it turns out that the printer shop needs a pdf file with information about 
> the main colors and black (CYMK). They are printing on a 4 color offset 
> machine and I am desperate, how to make a pdf file with separate information 
> about the main colors and black?

As Louis wrote, you can convert to TIF in GIMP (RGB only for the time 
being), but I somehow doubt that it wouldn't work with JPEGs either. You 
have to make sure that your output is "Printer" in PDF settings. Scribus 
will then create a file with colours in CMYK colourspace.

As for the CMYK-values of the fill colour, the easiest way is to write 
down the CMYK values from scribus and tell the printer what they are 
(this colour is C= , M= , Y= , K= ). I always do that to make sure I get 
what I want.

> I hope someone of you can explain to me what to do. Is this possible with 
> Scribus. The printer shop confirms that they make such a transalation with 
> their DTP software (express I thought they mentioned).

This is a strange thing that happens in many small shops. They try to 
use QXP (Xtensions) for everything, including impositions and 
separations. The result are problems that would not occur with Acrobat + 
PitStop or other well suited programmes.



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