[Scribus] CYMK problem

Louis Desjardins louis_desjardins
Wed Sep 7 17:17:01 CEST 2005

Cor Pernot a ?crit :

> Hi,
> I am in the final phase of letting the print shop make the hardcopies of the 
> Journal issue I made with Scribus (, 05 July 2005 C-C-T).
> The inside are 64 pages in black and white but the cover is in full color. On 
> the cover I have a photograph and a logo, both in jpg format.

Hi Cor,

I?d suggest you use TIFF (cmyk) format (or EPS) instead of JPEG (please 
read the docs about the formats for more).
Converting the image format might be done into GIMP (I?m not familiar 
with GIMP, so I can't tell for sure).
Then, you make your PDF. You can read the docs for more on this.

One thing that worries me is the last part of your message about the 
XPress "translation"... Does that mean the printer intends to import 
your PDF into Quark for output? If so, I urge you to ask for a "final 
proof" before printing (you should get one anyway). It's better to find 
a "surprise" on a proof (which is the purpose of a proof) than finding 
out when the job is done.



> Now it turns out that the printer shop needs a pdf file with information about 
> the main colors and black (CYMK). They are printing on a 4 color offset 
> machine and I am desperate, how to make a pdf file with separate information 
> about the main colors and black?
> I hope someone of you can explain to me what to do. Is this possible with 
> Scribus. The printer shop confirms that they make such a transalation with 
> their DTP software (express I thought they mentioned).
> regards,
> Cor Pernot
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