[Scribus] A question.

Manuel Vázquez Acosta manuelva
Mon Sep 5 23:33:59 CEST 2005


There are a few questions popping in my mind right now. 

How powerful are scribus' plugins? What can they do? Can they be thought as components? Does Scribus has a Component Object Model like XPCOM, CORBA, UNO? Etc...

Regard and thanks,

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On Monday 05 September 2005 19:20, Manuel V?zquez Acosta wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm new to Scribus and to the list. My interest on Scribus is on
> development. I'm writing on behalf of currently small team of
> developers which could grow in the next few months. We are working
> for newspapers and press agencies, and some of our work includes a
> program like Window's QuarkXPress or PageMaker. It seems Scribus is
> that program. But we need to extend it in some ways, specially
> integrating it to our workflow system.
> What we need is some directions in the arquitecture and
> organization of the code. Does anybody knows where to find it? Does
> anybody can help us?
> Best regards and thanks
> Manuel.


There is some older API docs when you download CVS, but they are 
probably out of date already. 

Some general thoughts:

We on the team use IRC a *lot*. So, getting on-line with us can be 
very helpful. 

http://docs.scribus.net has a section for developers. There are docs 
on the scripter API, as well as writing plugins and the 1.2.x file 
format. This might be a good start point for your plans.

We have basically frozen development on 1.2.x, and now treat it as a 
stable code base. Only bug fixes and minor non-invasive features are 

The 1.3.x series is current under very heavy development and is not 
stable for production use. The 1.3.x roadmap is here: 

I hope that helps,


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