[Scribus] Can't open sla-file

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sat Sep 3 15:39:16 CEST 2005

Franz Schmid wrote:

> Pier Luigi Cinquantini schrieb:
>> I have this attached sla file, but my Scribus 1.2.1 build: 08 can't 
>> open it. When I try, Scribus runs but it opens nothing.
>> Maybe because it was created by another S-version?
>> Does anyone can help?
> Thats the cause this file was created with Scribus Version 1.3.0
> and the 1.2.1 version can't open it because the 1.3.0 files are
> quite different in content.

I wonder if there could be something added to 1.2.x to result in a more 
informative message when someone attempts to open a 1.3.x file (rather 
than none at all).  I also note that the Scribus website page that talks 
about "La Libert?" doesn't mention this issue, that a file saved in 
1.3.0 format will not be able to be opened with earlier versions.

Second question: what if someone saves elements from 1.3.x, can these 
elements be used from 1.2.x?  It might be possible for someone to 
reconstruct a file in 1.2.x without starting from scratch.


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