[Scribus] Fails to print

Elmer E. Dow elmeredow
Thu Sep 1 23:17:55 CEST 2005


I am using Scribus 1.2.1 on a machine running Debian Sarge. I'm trying to 
print to an H-P DeskJet 930C through CUPS. I make the proper selections on the 
print setup menus, but nothing prints. I don't even see the file in the 
printer's job list. I'm assuming that I haven't set something up correctly, 
but what?

Also, when I save the file as a pdf, Ghostview will display it correctly in 
landscape mode, but then tries to print it in portrait mode no matter what 
the setting selected. I tried using acroread using Knoppix and it won't 
center the page on the paper so in printing one edge is off the paper even 
when I have correctly set the margins. Some months ago I output a Scribus 
layout created on my machine using Acrobat 5 on a Windows machine and it 
worked fine.

It seems I have no way of outputting this file. Any suggestions?

-- Elmer E. Dow

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