[Scribus] A effective use of Scribus

Asif Lodhi asif.lodhi
Thu Sep 1 01:58:50 CEST 2005

Hi fellows,

I have just found a very good use of Scribus.  Though you might want
to know - particularly the developers - everyone - not just Scribus

I am busy trying to make my ends meet! :)  And hunting for development
work locally - mainly online.  The major hurdle that I loathe is the
mostly clumsy interfaces of development tools.  For example, most ER
modelling and UML tools (even expensive ones) open up a modal window,
when you want to draw an entity or a class, and give you can-of-worms
type detail (public/private/protected/package, stereo type, so many
things) while all you want to do is to _rapidly_ come up with a quick
overall sketch of the design that you have in your mind and want it to
see it on screen in sketch form to refine it further.

A good tool in this respect is Poseidon for UML as it doesn't show you
modal windows and right your stuff right there in the class-rectangle.
 However, there are other use cases as well - for example, web
application development using any of the popular technologies such as
PHP, JSP, ASP, ASP.NET, etc.  The thing is:  when you are talking to
your client via some chat software or on phone, you want to be able to
quickly sketch the details of whatever s/he is telling you and write
random bits of data or shuffle that from one one box to anoher.  I
have found Scribus a very useful tool to get that initial picture of
the overall workflow of a complex system and I have started using it
regularly for the same - not just for writing resumes.

Best regards

Asif Lodhi

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