[Scribus] import styles from OO

a.l.e xale-990209
Sat Oct 29 09:30:22 CEST 2005

>>> I also would like a feature as Raphael describes. What I found was that
>>> I was continually tweaking paragraph styles in Scribus itself and
>>> didn't want to have to keep updating them in two places (Scribus AND
>>> OpenOffice). I also wanted to keep the OO file as the master for text,
>>> but what I ended up doing was importing once and editing in place  in
>>> Scribus. In one case, OO couldn't see one of the fonts that Scribus
>>> could so I couldn't set an OO style properly anyway. (Fonts is one
>>> of those murky areas I need to look into more.)
>>> I realize that in a "real" DTP workflow, I should have all the tweaking
>>> taken care of before working with content, but even so, once I get
>>> styles set up just so in Scribus, most of the time I don't need to
>>> set them up in as much detail in the OO import doc.
>> In this case, import but do not import the styles. Choose "Text Only" on the
>> import window. In this case the pure text will be imported and no styles. You
>> can then apply them from within Scribus.
>> Craig
>But what we want is that the people who work on OO can choose the 
>styles that we
>are using in Scribus. We give to the author a list of styles (heading,
>normal_text, etc.) that he will use in OO and when we import the text, the
>styles become automatically our Scribus' styles (the idea is to avoid the
>re-definition of the styles in Scribus).


As a workaround, I think you can use a macro in OO to set tags at the beginning of the line and then import as "text only" + plus tags (i think there is such an option in scribus, i can't check now). I used this solution for a newspaper I layed out with Page Maker.

But, Craig, I have to agree with Raphael that, since Scribus already regnises the OO styles, there should be an option to get the name of the style from the OO document, without using the definition of it!

Have a nice weekend


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