[Scribus] The "Great Breakage" is over ???

Craig Ringer craig
Fri Oct 28 09:03:11 CEST 2005

Wesley Allen wrote:
> OK, I know it's been asked, but what's the easierst way to run cvs and
> 1.3.1 at the same time?
> If I get anoncvs and compile I'll still have 1.3.1 untouched, right?

If, and only if, you install them to different prefixes, then yes. If 
you used an RPM for 1.3.1 that'll be fine, since it will have gone into 
/usr . Otherwise, I strongly suggest setting an explicit --prefix=  when 
calling configure.

As I do rather a lot of Scribus builds, I personally favour 
--prefix=$HOME/scribus/scribus-VERSION . Installing to a tree under my 
home directory means that there's no need to run anything as root - 
soemthing that's very reassuring when fiddling with the build system code.

I don't usually bother incrementing VERSION except when official 
releases happen, but if you're using CVS for production you might want 
to increment it occasionally (scribus-1.3.2cvs-2, scribus-1.3.2vs-3, and 
so on) to make sure you don't clobber a known working build. You must 
"make clean" after changing the prefix argument to configure.

This is especially true as things get lively down the track, like 
Andreas mentioned.

Craig Ringer

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