[Scribus] The "Great Breakage" is over ???

Andreas Vox vox
Thu Oct 27 20:44:13 CEST 2005

mrdocs wrote:
> Hi,
> We have unfrozen the anoncvs syncs as of last night.
> Updating from cvs should not be too difficult, but a *lot* of files
> have changed. Please make sure you run
> make -f Makefile.cvs
> *before* running configure.
> I tested an update from 11 Oct CVS to now and it compiled and ran
> smoothly.
> Enjoy the new speed..

This might all well be, but for what I'm concerned this was just the 
ouverture for "The Great Breakage" :-).
Now that the refactoring of pageitem is done we finally can do all 
kinds of interesting things to the code, including new pageitems, the 
new text layout system (aka NLS), the new file format, replacing QDom 
with SAX, etc.
As a user you should be prepared to accept that documents don't open in 
old versions, or look differently in new versions, that menus might  
move or vanish altogether, palettes change their appearance, that ways 
how things are done change dramatically in new versions (and might 
switch back to the old behaviour in the next version), -- you get the 
picture. Also don't complain if mrdocs is a week behind with the 
documentation! ;-)

* if you are using Scribus 1.3.x in a team, stick to one version as 
long as possible
* if your work will be reused in the months to come, better stick to 
* never, ever change the Scribus version in the last 4 weeks before a 
deadline (unless you do a parallel install of the new version 
(different user account or backup ~/.scribus!) and use it only on 
copies of the original document)

Scribus 1.3.x has been quite stable up to now. Expect some rough waters 


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