[Scribus] Re: Block justification

Tornoci Laszlo torlasz
Thu Oct 27 13:36:55 CEST 2005

Asif Lodhi wrote:
> So there are two types of justifications - block justification, which
> you selected, and the normal justification which keeps the last line
> flushed left.
> I was also confused about this justification stuff as I have been
> using normal word-processors a lot and there is no block-justification
> feature (like that of Scribus) in those software packages.
> The question is:  When do we need block-justification?  What are the
> scenarios?  Any comments?

It is nice to have in the rare case when the last line happens to be
only very slightly shorter then the rest. I have actually used it.

                                       Yours: Laszlo

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