[Scribus] install 1.3 unstable?

Le Tigre scribus
Thu Oct 27 13:15:08 CEST 2005

Quoting Oleksandr Moskalenko <malex at tagancha.org>:

[Cacher les citations]

Hi Raphakl,

The situation is reasonably clear now. You've installed a version of
Scribus from an rpm, probably using alien to convert an rpm to a deb. That's
what is located in the /opt hierarchy. My scribus-cvs package (1.3.2cvs)
installs into /usr/local hierarchy and as Sergio already pointed out. So, to
run the Scribus binary from my package you have to use
"/usr/local/bin/scribus" at the command line or in your launcher instead of
/opt/bin/scribus. I would advise you to remove the version you installed from
an rpm. If you converted it to a deb with alien it should be very easy to do
with "dpkg -P scribus13" or "aptitude purge scribus13" for example. Then you
should use the source line I posted before and your scribus-cvs and scribus
packages will be brought up-to-date on every "apt-get upgrade" or "aptitude



Ok, thank you Alex and Sergio, everything is ok now (and I removed the

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