[Scribus] Signal #4 Crash

Craig Ringer craig
Sun Oct 23 08:08:22 CEST 2005

Carol Kankelborg wrote:
> I had a Signal 4 crash with Scribus yesterday.

Signal 4 is an illegal instruction (you can look this up with `kill 
-l'). On Linux systems that'll most commonly be due to inappropriate 
processor optimisations - like the use of SSE on a system that lacks SSE 
CPU extensions.

If the same is true on Mac OS X, then it'd be helpful to know what 
hardware you're running on - G3, G4, G5, approximate age, etc.

> At the time
> I didn't have time to document it (didn't know how to either),
> but was wondering if there might be a crash log lying around
> somewhere that would be of use.

I think there is one generated for Aqua applications, but I don't know 
if it is for POSIX/X11 apps.

 From memory crash dumps for Aqua apps are in one of the logs that you 
can access through the Console application, but I'm really not sure - 
I've only worked with Mac OS X relatively minimally and it was a while 
since I was working on Scribus in it.

For POSIX/X11 apps, you probably have to do something like fire up gdb 
on a core file, unless it prints out the crash to stderr. I guess it 
might still log it though, so still try the Console.

Craig Ringer

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