[Scribus] Another book done with Scribus...

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Fri Oct 21 21:47:46 CEST 2005

Rainer Heilke schrieb:

> Craig Ringer wrote:
>> Thomas Koll wrote:
>>> There's no need to repeat the mistakes of others.
>>> No one cares about widows or orphans nowadays
>> Really? I'd have to disagree with that. I certainly do, and the paper 
>> I work for also tries to minimise them. Having to go to the top of the 
>> next column / to the next page / to the spill page to read that last 
>> darn word of the paragraph is very annoying.
>> Craig Ringer
> Is this maybe another American thing? In Canada, widows and orphans are 
> still big no-nos as well. My impression is that this holds for the UK , 
> too.
> Rainer

They are big no-nos everywhere I can think of. In commercial 
environments, remaining orphans and widows in prints can become really 
expensive (damages). And, as Craig pointed out, they are really 
annoying. Any professional or semi-professional typesetter always should 
think about readers first. Making reading as pleasant as possible is a 
top priority!

Unfortunately, I recognise a tendency in the world of page layout 
towards merging the functions of graphics artist and typesetter/layout 
man. As a result, the world is flooded with products which are almost 
unreadable or at least do no favour to the reader (fonts too small, sans 
serif fonts for long texts, wrong quotation marks, bad spacing etc.). 
Today I had three products on my desk, which would a professional 
typesetter get fired, had he produced them. They were all made by 
talented graphics artists, who obviously never bothered to learn the 
"boring" and everything but spectacular details of typography :(



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