[Scribus] N00b Stupid Table Question

a.l.e xale-990209
Fri Oct 21 19:11:19 CEST 2005

>Having said this, Scribus 1.3.1 didn't work for me on Ubuntu 5.10, i.e. 
>the package installed cleanly but isn't usable after that: for some 
>reason, Scribus window dissapears somewhere beyond the right edge of the 
>desktop and cannot be used, it's quite a mess. I'm using Gnome, perhaps 
>other Gnome/Ubuntu users could verify this in order to make the life of 
>our Ubuntu packager easier.

i had the same problem with ubuntu (not the latest)... risizing the window for 5 minutes solved the problem and on the next start the window was bell behaved!



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