[Scribus] Character-by-character placement in PDF

Bart Alberti bart
Thu Oct 20 09:37:08 CEST 2005

> Gregory Pittman wrote:
> > Craig Ringer wrote:
> >
> >> Gregory Pittman wrote:
> >>
> >>> > > I do quite a bit with LaTeX, but for archiving
purposes I
> > just keep the .tex file; it has everything I need for
that purpose.
> Absolutely. That makes perfect sense for archival.
> I don't necessarily think it'd be reasonable to expect to
be able to
> send your .tex file to a printer and have them deal with
making it into
> a PDF though - they'd need all the fonts and images, any
macro packages
> you're using, etc. ick. Archival is a very different thing
to submission
> to a printer, and has different requirements. That's my

Nobody has mentioned that dvi was supposed to be the 'device
independent printer standard.
How about sla 2 latex (both being basically text tag
systems). Surely xml is a subset of sgml? Is there a dtd for
Scribus? (It might read in Word Perfect for example which
has a very good import system including modules for sgml
The TUGBOAT community loves the universality of TeX, with
good reason

Bart Alberti

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