[Scribus] Can anybody explain KDE/qt3 situation?

John nesredep
Sun Oct 16 23:15:24 CEST 2005

On 10/16/05, Benjamin Green <ben at bristolwireless.net> wrote:
> KDE, qt and the whole kaboodle (including kaboodle itself) have been
> updated since the last mepis release. When you ask for scribus, things
> need to be removed to satisfy it's dependancies. You will be able to
> re-install all of KDE (3.4.2) and Koffice (1.3.5) after that, if you use
> the debain sid at least, but it might not all be plain sailing anyway,
> things have changed a lot since the last mepis release. I can't vouch for
> the state of testing. You might be able to get less removals by
> specifieing packages to also install, e.g. 'apt-get install scribus kde'.
> That last release of MEPIS was from before the current release of debian
> stable (that is when sarge was testing and etch was just a twinkle), so
> things have moved on a lot since then.

Wow, you really put me onto the right track, but I did things slightly

After reading your message, and before doing anything else, I went and
checked synaptic and found that, indeed, KDE 3.4.2 was sitting there,
available for upgrade. I simply upgraded, and Scribus upgraded without a

Foolish me, all this time I believed the propaganda that apt-get (and all
related package managers) would automatically install whatever was required
(if it was available). So when Scribus wouldn't upgrade, I never thought
that the dependancy it needed was there for the asking. Actually, I can sort
of understand it--the dependancy is that libqt3 that gets updated by the KDE
package--too convoluted for apt-get to figure out, I suppose.

I REALLY appreciate your wise advice! And for anyone else that runs into
this, upgrading KDE first works just as well as what you suggested. (And I
installed the 1.3cvs as well.)

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