[Scribus] Splitting up the properties palette? (was: scribus spin-box)

wayne iw
Sat Oct 15 00:15:26 CEST 2005

On Friday 14 October 2005 10:04 am, Craig Bradney wrote:

> >
> > Agree also, but why not preselect the appropriate Tab/Windows
> > according to the task you do? When creating/moving textframes you
> > normaly use the tab with coordinates. When editing text, you normally
> > use the text properties. What do you think about this?
> Its been suggested before, but its inappropriate. What you are
> suggesting, like others before, would mean that every time you selecte a
> text frame, for example, it would switch to the text tab. What if the
> user wants to change the line or colour settings for the frame. It makes
> it harder, so this wont be implemented.
> Craig

How about switching to the text properties whenever one double clicks on a 
text frame?


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