[Scribus] Fwd: [Scribus 0002709]: Implicit right tab on right

Andreas Vox vox
Tue Oct 11 15:48:28 CEST 2005

David GoodEnough wrote, answering to Craig Bradney:

> > > Are you saying that when submitting a feature request rather than
> > > reporting the actual version we are running you want the latest 
> version
> > > available selected?  If so it might be an idea to add a note to 
> that
> > > effect to the page or to remove the version number from the page 
> when
> > > requesting a feature as it is obviously redundant.
> >
> > No, we need to know what version the bug exists in. Its fine to 
> submit a
> > bug for an older version, but it'd be nice if you could test in a 
> newer
> > version first, especially since you are 2 *stable* releases behind 
> by now.
> > Of course, Debian being special, as always, causes issues such as 
> above.
> But this a feature request not a bug.  I also had received comments 
> from
> this list that suggested that this feature was not in even the latest 
> version.
> You might not implement it for several releases and a number of Bug 
> Trackers
> have adopted the idea that there is no point in attaching a release to 
> a
> feature request for exactly this reason.  But if this one does not 
> have that
> facility then so be it.

David, don't worry about it.
We know Mantis has its disadvantages and I guess our handling of issues 
could be more systematic, too. I think you did everything right.

MrB and mrdocs routinely recommend updating for the latest stable 
version of Scribus (and of ghostscript, and Adobe Reader), because that 
solves a lot of errors and is best for all (users have working software 
and developers don't have to bother with reports about old bugs).
I think this routine was kind of misguided wrt. to your RFE.

As for debian resources, malex puts a lot of work into providing debian 
packages for the most recent stable and unstable Scribus releases. 
Scribus 1.2.3 has been available for two weeks now, details are at 
http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Scribus_on_Debian_GNU/Linux .
Our advice is not to rely on the normal debian distribution channel for 
optaining Scribus but to use our own repository at debian.scribus.net .


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