[Scribus] Newbie: Howto autosize text frames and other (I am sure)

Andreas Vox avox
Tue Oct 11 00:12:24 CEST 2005

David GoodEnough wrote:

> 1) I use frames to isolate different items (for instance all the diary 
> dates
> for a given organisation), and it would be useful if there was a 
> script that
> would take a frame and adjust its size so that it was exactly the right
> vertical height to fit the text that was in it.

Not sure, but I think that's not possible yet.

> 2) In my general diary section I have lines with a date, a time and
> a description.  The date and time are at the left hand of the frame, 
> and
> the description is right justified, rather like a table of context or 
> index.
> How do I put in something to guide the eye from one side to the other,
> in a WP I would typically use a "." fill for the tab.

Tabs with fill chars are only implemented in 1.3

> 3) How do I put a right tab on the right margin of the frame, so that 
> if
> I change the width of the frame the right tab adjusts automatically.  
> In
> the WPs I have used some of them had an implicit tab on the right
> margin which was right justifiy.

Please file an RFE on bugs.scribus.net

> 4) It would be really useful to have a key combination which brought
> up the story editor.  I am generally working on a laptop without a
> mouse (my desk is too cluttered to provide room for a mouse) so I
> use the touchpad and it keeps thinking I have selected frames that I
> have passed over to get to the icon on the toolbar.

Use Tools -> Keyboard Shortcuts and define a key sequence for "Edit 

> Apart from this niggles (and I suppose I may find more later), Scribus
> took a little time to get used to (I guess the WP -> DTP transition) 
> but
> seems to do what I want, it is a pleasure to use.

So, now, where are the silly questions you promised?? ;-)


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