[Scribus] New Scribus/Aqua binary snapshot

Andreas Vox vox
Mon Oct 10 03:39:10 CEST 2005

Hi all!

Following the general release of 1.3.1 I uploaded a new binary snapshot 
of 1.3.2cvs to http://aqua.scribus net

This snapshot is very usable and should be regarded en par with the 
1.3.1 release for Linux.
I managed to merge many Mac specific patches into main CVS, but 
unfortunately some important ones didn't make it for 1.3.1. Another 
patch which came up only after the 1.3.1 release is a clean-up to 
eventhandling by MrB which enhances speed drastically.

This snapshot will probably the last one with a codebase different than 
main cvs. Starting with 1.3.2, Linux and Mac (and probably Windows) 
releases will come synchronously.


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