[Scribus] ughh... OpenOffice text document ??

Riku Leino tsoots
Thu Oct 6 00:08:23 CEST 2005

stu seven kirjoitti viestiss??n (l?hetysaika torstai, 6. lokakuuta 2005 
> *** this jargon is too new for me... what difference
> *** between "doc" or "text with styles" ?
> *** When you are saying, "importing from OO.o"
> *** perhaps... this is just a guess... Openoffice
> *** has to be open with the document or something ?
> *** But, to answer you, no, I haven't seen anything
> *** at all, but for OO draw files.

Well Get Text works only with selected text frame so it doesn't affect to your 
layout by creating a copy of the OO.o document in Scribus. You can import 
text from OO.o to a Scribus text frame by right clicking on the text frame 
and then selecting Get Text and then browsing to your saved OpenOffice.org 
text document (.sxw or .odt). SXW should be a safer pick as it's been there 
longer and .odt is just a hack on it (atm that is).

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