[Scribus] directory errors explained

Bart Alberti bart
Wed Oct 5 00:31:02 CEST 2005

The apparent errors are easy to show. It is due to the [TAB] effect in 
UNIX. Observe the following:
bart at kissling:~> cd Scribus/

bart at kissling:~/Scribus> ls scribus/plugin
pluginapi.h                pluginmanager.moc          
pluginmanagerprefsgui.h    plugins/
pluginmanager.cpp          pluginmanager.o            
pluginmanager.h            pluginmanagerprefsgui.cpp  

bart at kissling:~/Scribus> ls scribus/plugin/
/bin/ls: scribus/plugin/: No such file or directory

bart at kissling:~/Scribus> ls scribus/plugins/
colorwheel  fontpreview  Makefile.am  newfromtemplateplugin  
psimport              short-words
CVS         gettext      Makefile.in  pixmapexport           
saveastemplateplugin  svgexplugin
fileloader  Makefile     myplugin     printpreview           
scriptplugin          svgimplugin

bart at kissling:~/Scribus>

So, it only seems that there is a Scribus/scribus/plugin/plugins folder.
But the ASSERT problem stays. Advice?


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