[Scribus] Another happy user

Johan Herland johherla
Mon Oct 3 00:30:04 CEST 2005


I just want to say that even though I haven't done any DTP work in more 
than 5 years, and my overall DTP skills are rudimentary at best, I was 
still able to layout a 96-page print-ready anthology of texts from 
young norwegian authors with Scribus!

The book(let) contains text imported from OpenOffice, colors and 
pictures and even crop marks and bleeding, and the best thing is that I 
did all on my spare time (of which there is not much) over the course 
of a week.

A big "thank you" to the Scribus developers and all the rest of you who 
make Scribus such a great piece of quality software!


PS: A small feature request: It should be possible to substitute Scribus 
styles for OpenOffice styles when importing OpenOffice documents (so 
that I wouldn't have to rename my OpenOffice styles beforehand). The 
current behaviour either corrupts my existing styles, or adds a lot 
styles which I then have to manually convert to my predefined Scribus 
styles (which removes any inline styling such as a single italicized 
word, etc.). In other words: When I import OpenOffice docs, Scribus 
sometimes prompts me for font substitutions (because of missing fonts). 
What I want is something similar for styles...

Johan Herland, <johherla at online.no>

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