[Scribus] Booklet Printing

Peter Nermander peter.nermander
Sun Oct 2 10:20:32 CEST 2005

> I want to print an A5 Folded Booklet. (i.e. A4 page fodled down to A5).  
> Scribus doesn't inherintly support this and given that my printers seem 
> to be fairly struggling with a pdf I thought it would be better if the 
> pdf was pre-booklet formatted.

There are two solutions. In the wiki you also find my way of doing impositions with psutils. Psutils are MUCH more flexible that simple 2-up printing. You have full control over placing the "page" on the "sheet". It does however take a lot of "hand hacking".

You can also look at Multivalent, and it's tool.PDF.impose function. I haven't used it a lot so I'm not sure if it will let the pages bleed to the edges.

I have been thinking about writing a script for scribus importing PDF pages and placing the on the page much as my imposition scripts do. They can then be manually adjusted after import to make it possible to for example replace an image split over a fold with an image spread over the fold (replace two imported pages with an image). Maybe it would even be possible to make the imposition design by creating image frames in a template document and the script would import pages from that template document and populate tha frames with imported PDF pages.

Anyone who know perl and python would probably be able to convert my scripts.


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