[Scribus] Booklet Printing

Calum Polwart scribus
Sat Oct 1 18:53:13 CEST 2005

This is technically not a scribus issue - but if anyone knows the answer 
will be on here.

I want to print an A5 Folded Booklet. (i.e. A4 page fodled down to A5).  
Scribus doesn't inherintly support this and given that my printers seem 
to be fairly struggling with a pdf I thought it would be better if the 
pdf was pre-booklet formatted.

There are instructions for doing such a thing at: 

That's great and it works fine except it seems to be too smart for its 
own good! It seems to place the left and right pages inside some form of 
page hodler margin arrangement so that if you had a scribus page that 
was A5 and drew a box round the edge of the page when you booklet it 
instead of getting an A4 page with two boxes that touch and the lines go 
around the edge of the page you get two boxes that don't touch... For 
most booklet printing that would be fine, however I want on the centre 
pages of my booklet to have a heading that runs right across the two 
pages and pictures that straddle the two pages - with this method it 
puts a big white line down the middle... Not what I wanted...

is there a sub-command *or* is there another way to do it?

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