[Scribus] TIFF Problem in PDF?

Calum Polwart scribus
Sat Oct 1 18:42:08 CEST 2005

I wrote a newsletter about 2 months ago using Scribus (1.3).  Thanks 
firstly to those who helped with my numerous issues importing SVG/EPS 
graphics to get tables in.

When it eventually came back from the printers I've never been so 
ashamed in all my life.  The print quality bwas appalling.  From what I 
can gather they couldn't get it to print at all, and the best I can 
guess to describe how they fixed it was the copy the pages that wouldn't 
print from Acrobat as images and paste them into a new document... 
...the result was loads of pages that looked like they'd been dot-matrix 
printed!  We've been tryign to investigate what went wrong 
(unfortunately I don't deal with the printers I provide someone the file 
on CD and they deal...) and today I've been building a layer by layer 
pdf to find the problem staring with just plain text, then adding SVG's, 
lines etc... each time exporting a new pdf.

I appear to have created a pdf that simply refuses to print.  It opens 
fine in LinuxAcrobatReader7 - but when you print it the printer rejects 
the job.  Tried two different printers -same problem.  The file has a 
TIFF graphic in it.  I've changed that to a JPEG of the same image and 
it works fine ... ...is this a known bug with either scribus or acrobat?


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