[Scribus] Linux Font Editor?

Bart Alberti bart
Sat Oct 1 16:57:14 CEST 2005

There is KILE and LyX with GUI for TeX. I manually write in the LaTeX 
tags, which is aggravating and annoying; but I learn a lot that way.
Query: how does everybody else in your program handle this? Scribus is 
'only' a(nother) D T P program but it is the font that will render the 
IPA symbols. I have SIL in Windows. I use ARPAbet, which has Latin 
characters only.

The message has just appeared this moment on my screen "The link could 
not be saved. The site is unavailable."


Bart Alberti

John Jordan wrote:

>On 1 Oct 2005, at 0:15, Robert Memering wrote:
>>I have been lecturing on phonetics and phonology at
>>university in the summer term and I had no problems
>>of this sort at all, because I used LaTeX (with the
>>TIPA package).
>>I know that many people don't want to start using
>>LaTeX because they think it's too difficult or
>>cumbersome to use. But I think it's definitely worth
>>the effort. And: after more than fifteen years it is
>>still superior to professional (and expensive)
>>software in many ways. IPA Symbols, for example.
>>Have your mouth watered by the TIPA manual (esp. by the
>Thanks for the suggestions.
>First, the link above appears to be dead or lagged into sometime 
>next week. All I can get is "operation timed out."
>But more importantly, are the fonts in question regular OpenType 
>fonts that can be used on Windows and Mac computers? I ask this 
>because you have assumed that I want a solution just for myself. 
>That is not the case. I do want a font that I can use for typesetting 
>as well as general student linguistics work. But I also want to 
>create a font that the student in "Intro to Linguistics" can use -- a 
>student using Windows or Mac who barely understands how to 
>install a font, let alone figure out TeX.
>So if the fonts can be used only with TeX, they are not a solution 
>for me.
>As for TeX/LaTeX, etc., I already investigated this some time ago. I 
>can ace a graduate course in Syntax (I have a 4.0 in linguistics 
>classes), but TeX and all of its related programs leave me totally 
>baffled. I also tried my hand at programming once. I got to the point 
>of "hello world" and the rest was incomprehensible. I do not have a 
>mind that can handle such matters. I need a GUI or I am dead. 
>That is why I am pinning my personal DTP hopes on Scribus. 
>I might be able to learn TeX if there were actual hands-on classes 
>with instructors to show me step by step how to do it. But the 
>online documentation is hopeless for me. I couldn't understand 
>even the first sentence. I would have to ask a question online for 
>each paragraph of the instructions and then wait several days for 
>someone to answer it. I'd be dead before I figured it out to the level 
>you have achieved. My brain is not equal to yours.
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