[Scribus] Re PDF Duplex and Building 1.3.2 on suse 9.3

Martin Langeland dumluks
Mon Nov 28 23:44:39 CET 2005

Hi all,
I promised to report further progress on my pdf printing problem of last 
week (See Vol 33 No 39)
Still not sure what caused the problem. But it is fixed by reinstalling 
the whole shebang. that was required after I installed XP and wiped out 
all my personal files plus the MBR.

The Building file in the 1.3.2cvs release was most helpful. Particularly 
the notes about AMD 64 system needs. One thing did hang me up: 
If it's on the list I missed it. But fortunately the error message 
explained for the benighted.

Many thanks for all your help and particular kudos to the slaves who 
write the error msgs and building files!

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