[Scribus] new snapshot for Scribus/Aqua

Craig Ringer craig
Mon Nov 28 10:50:49 CET 2005

Kevin Walzer wrote:

> Sorry, that was a paraphrase.
> It also said "too many open files" (?)
> Yes, I'm running the latest version--the new build from yesterday's CVS.

Ah, now that's much more informative. That's why it's always important 
to quote the full, word-for-word text of any error message. Omissions 
that seem unimportant to you can, to someone more familiar with what's 
going on, critically change the meaning of the message or give it 
meaning where it had none before.

It's very odd that you're getting that error when writing out the 
preferences, as Scribus must only open one file to do that. I can only 
assume it's leaking file handles somewhere else (perhaps font 
loading/scanning?) and failing silently, so that the prefs write 
_appears_ to be the first error.

Hmm... on current CVS on Linux we have seven files open after start-up 
with no docs open - three copies of /dev/pts/? for stdin, stdout, and 
stderr, plus two sockets and two pipes. Hardly earth shattering. Three 
more are opened with a blank document - all ICC profiles. It doesn't 
look much like it could be a file handle leakage bug with font scanning, 
unless it's something Mac OS X specific.


It would be good if you could file a bug on http://bugs.scribus.net/ 
about this, since that'll help keep it all in one place and avoid 
putting too much noise on the mailing list.

Craig Ringer

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