[Scribus] new snapshot for Scribus/Aqua

Craig Ringer craig
Sun Nov 27 22:44:36 CET 2005

Kevin Walzer wrote:
> New version doesn't work. Trying to load preferences for updating from 
> the GUI causes a crash. Simply starting up and closing the program 
> brings this error message: "unable to open ~/.scribus/scribus13.rc for 
> writing. Check permissions and available disk space."

That was the full message? It should also include the error from the 
operating system, such as "Permission denied". The wording is also a bit 
different, I think it's the old wording before I tweaked that dialog.

The code in prefsmanager.cpp is:

tr("Scribus was not able to save its preferences:<br>"
     "Please check file and directory permissions and "
     "available disk space.", "scribus app error")

Are you sure you're running the latest version?

Criag Ringer

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