[Scribus] new snapshot for Scribus/Aqua

Kevin Walzer sw
Sun Nov 27 22:06:58 CET 2005

Andreas Vox wrote:
> Kevin wrote:
>> New version doesn't work. Trying to load preferences for updating from
>> the GUI causes a crash. Simply starting up and closing the program
>> brings this error message: "unable to open ~/.scribus/scribus13.rc for
>> writing. Check permissions and available disk space."
> Well, looks as if you have to delete your old scribus13.rc then.
> The previous Scribus/Aqua version had a bug which caused this file to 
> grow exponentially. I guess yours is too large now.
> /Andreas

No, this happened after I deleted the ~/.scribus directory.

I also tried "touch ~/.scribus/scribus13.rc" just so there would be an 
empty file there. Scribus started normally but I was still unable to 
open the prefs panel from the GUI for editing/updating--it crashed.


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