[Scribus] new snapshot for Scribus/Aqua

Andreas Vox avox
Sun Nov 27 18:51:10 CET 2005


I uploaded a new snapshot of Scribus/Aqua 1.3.2 based on current 
(yesterday's) cvs to http://aqua.scribus.net.

It addresses the following problems:

* missing main window:
	the new snapshot does sanitychecks for window pos and size, so I hope 
this bug will be gone now

* importing SVG/eps/ps/OODraw into an existing document:
	I included a workaround which always places the imported stuff at 
(0,0). Dragging does not start automatically on OSX

* keyboard shortcuts should work now

* doubleclick on textframes now enters editmode, thanks to some cleanup 
by MrB

* much faster, also due to cleanup by MrB

* compiled for OSX 10.2 and later. I'm not sure at all if it will run 
on Jaguar, so please tell me your results!

If you have no previous version installed, you should follow the 
instructions on the web page to install Scribus-Aqua, Libraries-A, 
Libraries-B, and Ghostscript.

If you have a previous version installed, you just need to replace 
Scribus.app. Then:
- startup Scribus,
- optionally maximize its window (green button in titlebar),
- open Edit->Preferences->Keyboard Shortcuts and select "Reset 
shortcuts", and
- close Scribus again.
This procedure is not strictly necessary but cleans up some 
preferences. Scribus will be faster on second startup.

Ok, now the problems:

* If anything goes wrong, open /Applications/Utilities/Console.app and 
tell me the last lines Scribus wrote to console. Usually you should 
just see some "scpaths: blabla" lines and then a long list of fonts. We 
usually also see warnings like "QDateTime: :fromString: Parameter out 
of range" after the scpaaths messages.These are harmless.

* Image colors: there have been lots of changes to this and I'm not 
sure if my patches are still correct. So please double-check your image 

* A previous version of the Fontconfig.framework was not linked 
correctly (the included fc-list and fc-cache) would not work). Then I 
provided a corrected one on Nov. 3 but put a broken link on the webpage 
:-( Both should be fixed now.

* Still couldn't do anything about the non-depressed toolbar icons, 
since I don't see this problem here.

* many more, I'm sure :-)

Anyway, enjoy!


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