[Scribus] Pdf Printing Problems, continued

Martin Langeland dumluks
Mon Nov 21 02:33:22 CET 2005

Thank you Peter for your prompt response. I've spent the day trying to 
get a proper result in vain.
I was using Acrobat 1.5 output out of ignorance -- Bigger is Better? 
Gads, thought I was past that fallacy. So I tried 1.3. No change. Yes 
Scribus is set up to use cups. I used kprinter and did succeed in 
getting both Scribus and Accro 7 to print single sided. Tried ooo, now 
it prints single sided. Downloaded driver rpms from SuSE's ftp site. No 
change. Tried printing the pdf file through a laptop running XP to the 
same printer. Very nice, thank you but no duplex today. Tried other 
files that printed duplex in the past. No go. I did read the link you 
included and clarified some terminology.

It appears my problem is between the machine and the printer. So I will 
mauger at that and let you know if I get any where.

Many thanks, again, for your help.

I blog at dumluks.blogspot.com

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