[Scribus] font/color menu quirk

Craig Ringer craig
Sun Nov 20 13:58:56 CET 2005

Creolophus WC wrote:

>when I select a textframe & open the Story Editor,
>I try to select a font (from my collection), the whole screen is
>filled up with the menu (list of fonts...with bold/italic/etc
>moreover, the menu is not displayed fully ... which forces me to exit
>Story Editor & find another way to change the font

There is a bug in the default Qt style on Fedora Core 4 that causes 
problems with read-only combo boxes with large numbers of entries. They 
take up the whole screen and offer no scrolling facility. If you're 
using FC4, change the GUI style in the preferences (or use "qtconfig" to 
do it) and the issue should go away.

Craig Ringer

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