[Scribus] font/color menu quirk

Craig Bradney cbradney
Sun Nov 20 13:07:31 CET 2005

On Sunday 20 November 2005 11:45, Owen wrote:
> Creolophus WC wrote:
> > my problem is:
> >
> > when I select a textframe & open the Story Editor,
> >
> > I try to select a font (from my collection), the whole screen is
> > filled up with the menu (list of fonts...with bold/italic/etc
> > variations)
> > moreover, the menu is not displayed fully ... which forces me to exit
> > Story Editor & find another way to change the font
> >
> > same thing happens when i try to select a color --> half the menu
> > fills up the screen & i cannot see/select from the other half
> I think your work flow is wrong
> Do not try and set the font and color in the Story editor.
> Use the 'Paragraph styles' to do that...alternatively, after inserting
> the text, right click, bring up the properties box, selext 'Text' and
> make your choices there

I don't think you can say thats is wrong. Either you use styles or you don't. 
Once is not necessary better than the other, it depends on the needs of the 

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