[Scribus] "hyphenator" ?? what is it ? :)

stu seven stu7seven
Thu Nov 17 02:07:24 CET 2005

   Sorry... I've been seeing this on my desktop
for months, and still don't know what it means...
to me, HYPHENATION is... putting dashes
between words... hyphenated words are not
all that common, and I'm wondering what exactly
Scribus is referring to with this term, "hyphenator" ?

   Here are some guesses :)

1.   The Scribus Hyphenator automatically puts
single SPACES between words ?  (not that... hmmm)

2.  Scribus Hyphenator is an acronym maker ?
It converts sentences into new acronyms... we can
never get enough of those, right ?  :)  WCNGEOTR
(probably not... but a good guess).

3,   Last guess... Scribus hyphenator is a left
handed monkee wrench meant to expose newbies
(ah ha... I'm getting closer, no ?).

    OK, I give up.  What IS the Scribus Hyphenator ?

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