[Scribus] 2nd request / scribus PDF problem

stu seven stu7seven
Sat Nov 12 21:17:26 CET 2005

...ummm... OK, yes, that is one thing I tried
when the text didn't show up... I thought it might
be an error with the link functions somewhere...
regardless, I don't get a visible link in the PDF
output either with a text box, or overlaying a
PDF field.

    If it works for you, perhaps it is a breakage
in the debian / 1.3 / binary package I downloaded ?
    I have not tried this yet with the 1.2 which comes
with my distribution.

On 11/12/05, Riku Leino <tsoots at gmail.com> wrote:
> >      I'm having a problem adding links to a scribus
> > produced PDF... I add a text box, and some
> > descriptive words... open the PDF options menu,
> > and make this a GOTO... it all looks fine in the
> >  *.sla version... but in the resulting PDF the
> > text box is rendered as invisible !
> >
> >     The link DOES work, so I know I've done
> > something right... but the area of the document
> > where the text box/text was is now totally blank...
> > no text visible, and, except that the cursor changes,
> > you cant see what it is linking to.
> >      My question originally was - is this a known
> > bug ?  Am I leaving something out ?  I've looked
> > extensively, without finding an answer.
> Why don't you use a regular text frame for text and then draw a link over this
> correctly formatted text in a regular text frame. I'd say it's not a bug.
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