[Scribus] 2nd request / scribus PDF problem

stu seven stu7seven
Sat Nov 12 20:23:27 CET 2005

+  (Sorry if this repeats... I wasn't seeing any reply) +

     I'm having a problem adding links to a scribus
produced PDF... I add a text box, and some
descriptive words... open the PDF options menu,
and make this a GOTO... it all looks fine in the
 *.sla version... but in the resulting PDF the
text box is rendered as invisible !

    The link DOES work, so I know I've done
something right... but the area of the document
where the text box/text was is now totally blank...
no text visible, and, except that the cursor changes,
you cant see what it is linking to.
     My question originally was - is this a known
bug ?  Am I leaving something out ?  I've looked
extensively, without finding an answer.

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