[Scribus] making cards in FOSS, as opposed to Quark, et al

Dr. Scott S. Jones scott
Tue Nov 8 20:36:07 CET 2005

I read with interest your post about Scribus and Quark. 

I am trying to tackle a project involving some layout of text with graphics
for spanish cards, as those shows at this link : www.2ndlanguagesuccess.com. 

Currently, we have a designer who uses Quark (version 6 I believe, or 7 if
that is out now). She is a good designer but she is exploiting us, cause we
don't have any way to manipulate the cards, we don't own quark, or
Illustrator, so this designer has us by the balls. 

I have been playing with Scribus sometime now and with GIMP. I would like to
know if you think I could create these cards using Scribus/Gimp and other
FOSS tools? 

Thanks for any input. 

Dr. Scott Jones

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