[Scribus] Shortcuts for tracking

Le Tigre scribus
Tue Nov 8 19:53:25 CET 2005


Because we are going to have many texts to work with, and because working
without the text-editor is not easy (but it's impossible to use the text-editor
for press-using, which means cut some words because the text is too long, or
reduce white spaces between words very quickly), I'm trying to use the
keyboard, which is better than the mouse.
With ctrl for going at the end of a word, and shift to select, it's not so bad.
But I would really need some shortcuts for tracking*, i.e. increasing or
decreasing the space between letters. [* in french: approche]
On Xpress, it's ctrl+shift+* for increasing, ctrl+shift+? for decreasing (from
10 to 10, and from 1 to 1 with alt).
I didn't find in the menu for keyboard shorcuts how to give tracking shortcuts.
But it would be very very useful: with that, you can fix a text only with the
Is it possible? If not, I am supposed to ask on bug tracker?


[Et en fran?ais]
Un raccourci clavier pour les valeurs d'approches, ?quivalent de ctrl+shift+* et
ctrl+shift+? de Xpress serait tr?s utile, pour caler des textes rapidement, sans
repasser par la souris.
Je n'ai pas trouv? dans la liste des raccourcis ? changer ces valeurs. Est-ce
tout de m?me possible? Sinon, comment faire pour faire la demande?
Je pense que cela permettrait un usage beaucoup plus utile de Scribus pour le un
calage de textes rapide et pr?cis.

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