[Scribus] PDF Error - Error (227233): Illegal digit in hex char in name

Craig Ringer craig
Tue Nov 8 05:43:05 CET 2005

Calum Polwart wrote:

>*Scribus Version - 1.3.1 (not CVS)
While I don't recognise the specific bug you've described as one that's 
been fixed since 1.3.1, the first thing you should probably do is grab a 
copy of CVS (snapshot or real checkout) and see if the issue is resolved 
there. As 1.3.x is a development branch lots is getting fixed pretty 
much continuously (and stuff is getting broken occasionally too). If the 
issue still appears in latest CVS we'll really need a copy of the .sla 
with all fonts and as many images as practical so we can track down the 

That is, of course, unless Franz waves his magic wand and just spots 
what's wrong from the PDF. Wouldn't be the first time ;-)

Craig Ringer

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