[Scribus] PDF-related development

Andreas Vox vox
Mon Nov 7 16:55:43 CET 2005

ringerc wrote:
> Asif Lodhi wrote:
> >Hi,
> >Further, I have Fedora Core 3.  If I do start working on the project
> >in context, can I think about porting the stuff to Mac _without_
> >having Mac?  I mean, can I hope to write portable code in Qt that
> >compiles without a hitch on Mac and generates _no_ errors?
> >
> >
> I suspect anything from Qt or POSIX is OK. Anything else will require
> careful checking. Note that there are significant behaviour differences
> between Qt/X11 and Qt/Mac in some areas, possibly imposed by choices in
> Mac OS X . One of the areas this shows up in is window focus; others 
> may
> also exist. Andreas will know more.

Well, the differences in focus handling might be due to some complex 
widgeting in Scribus.
Generally you can view Aqua as a very special windowmanager & desktop 
theme. Most striking difference is the global menubar and the large 
buttons. If you can't test that on a real Mac there will be surprises 
later. Nothing major, but it won't feel like a native Mac app.
Also make sure you read Qt's Mac specific release notes (or you'll have 
empty menu items and empty button labels).

Something which is beyond POSIX is the byte order (be very careful when 
your code relies on that) and the OSX filesystem (usually case 
insensitive, some special system paths, application bundling, etc.).

The one thing which will give you the most problems is probably the 
build system. If your build system is Qt's qmake it will hopefully just 
work. If it is something else like autohell or SCons, you'll live in 
interesting times. ringerc will know more about that :-)


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