[Scribus] Scribus/Aqua: missing doc windows on Tiger

Andreas Vox avox
Sun Nov 6 11:43:42 CET 2005

Hi there,

I need your help!

There have been several reports now that document windows don't show in 
Scribus 1.3.2cvs when running on Tiger. Unfortunately I don't have 
Tiger myself so I can't track that down directly. From the description 
it appears that this bug falls into the responsibility of Qt/Mac and 
the Apple WindowServer, but maybe not.

There's already a bug report for this: 

What I need from you is a survey on what systems this bug appears and 
on which not.
I'm very interested in Tiger systems which don't show this bug. So it 
would be nice if you could add notes to the bug above (or reply to this 
message) with the following information:

Bug is present: yes / no
OSX version:
X11: Apple / other
Fink version (if installed):
Other specialities:


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