[Scribus] a list in French

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Fri Nov 4 01:07:13 CET 2005

Louis Desjardins wrote:

>2 things.
>1. I am taking good note of PLinnel's post on this issue.
>Personnaly I am ok with this, post in both languages, if you can. I 
>understand that it should not prevent someone to post any question just 
>because he/she can't post in English. I'd prefer to post the answer in 
>French and then translate both the question and the answer back to 
>English, as courtesy to the list and if it is relevant in anyway. So, 
>one list. I agree 100%.
>2. Many users/posters on this list have a fair knowledge of XPress... no 
>worries! (Further down, a bit more comments, for our French friends.)
>* * *
More or less, I tend to agree with Louis -- why have a disincentive for 
people to post (or make posting laborious)?
But one thing that occurs to me that perhaps Franz could help with, is 
to add to the monthly message from the list server something about this 
Example for discussion purposes:

"The primary language of Scribus list is English, and in general this is 
the language which will most easily allow your post to be understood by 
the entire Scribus team as well as most list members.  The best answer 
for your question/problem is likely to be a composite of several answers 
from different members.
This having been said, if you have difficulty with English, feel free to 
post in your primary language (plus English if possible), since as a 
group the Scribus team and users are quite multilingual, and can help 
with the translation as needed."


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