[Scribus] Aqua Scribus

Andreas Vox avox
Thu Nov 3 18:28:34 CET 2005

G?rard wrote:
> I have no /etc/fonts directory,  even after having started up X11 (and
> the X 11 scribus 1.2 version).
> G?rard

Apparently your OSX is configured fundamentally different than any I've 
encountered so far...
Ok, more questions:

* what OS version are you running?
* How did you install the Scribus/X11 version? Fink?
* Which fink version?
* What X11 environment are you using? Standard Apple X11 or something 
* Do you have any other fontconfig library on your system? (there 
should be an old fontconfnig 1 below /usr/X11R6 and maybe another under 
/sw from fink)
* what does "type -a fc-cache" say in Terminal?
* what does "fc-cache -V" say in Terminal?


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