[Scribus] Aqua version: can't see new documents

Craig Ringer craig
Thu Nov 3 18:07:58 CET 2005

Kevin Walzer wrote:

> What do you mean, "run it from the finder"? Where else would you run it
> from?

Someone used to UNIX systems is quite likely to run the binary from the 
Terminal, eg /path/to/Scribus.app/Contents/Scribus (or whatever) . That 
might seem silly, but it makes more sense if you've just just compiled 
it so you try to run it as ./scribus, not realising it'll only work when 
put in a .app bundle and run with special Mac OS X launch systems.

I still get thrown by the way Aqua apps on Mac OS X are "special" and 
can't be launched via the normal POSIX methods. Then again, lots of 
things throw me on Mac OS X.

I wonder if there's any way we can have Scribus on Mac OS X detect that 
it's not being run from launch services and complain... or if that's 
something that'll break things like debuggers.

Craig Ringer

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