[Scribus] Problems with Aqua

Caleb Rodriguez calebsr2k
Wed Nov 2 13:48:16 CET 2005

Thomas R. Koll wrote:

>Caleb Rodriguez wrote:
>>Thank you for your reply. I looked for the shell script 
>>install_MacOSX.sh, But I cannot find it on my drive. Is there any place 
>>on the scribus site that I can find the script?  I am willing to 
>>reinstall the whole app.  I have been using Scribus on my linux box for 
>>more than a year and have produced some nice newsletters.  I really 
>>appreciate all of the time and effort that went into the development. I 
>>would also like to help write code if possible.
>did you checkout Scribus from CVS and compile it?
>there's install_MacOSX.sh in the main Scribus-directory.
>ciao, tom
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>Scribus at nashi.altmuehlnet.de
No, I do not believe that I did. Is it somewhere on the scribus site?

Thank you

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