[Scribus] Code changes for importing tables as text

Andreas Vox avox
Tue Nov 1 16:48:46 CET 2005

Craig Bradney wrote:
> On Monday 31 October 2005 13:58, Nik wrote:
> > Hi All,
> >
> > Thank you to everyone who read my posts, and suggested answers, I am
> > happily constructing my table-infested document as we speak (or 
> read).
> >
> > However, in the longer term, I still believe that it would save me 
> time
> > and effort if scribus could import tables directly from those files
> > formats that support them.
> >
> > I have already looked at the code, and want to have a plan for this
> > complete over the next two weeks (the work is relatively minor, but I
> > want to ensure I'm starting with a resonable design, and I don't 
> have a
> > lot of free time.
> >
> > Following is a little over a page of explanation of my current 
> planned
> > approach.
> >
> > http://nik.homelinux.net/files/scribus-tables.html
> >
> > I would really appreciate any feedback from any developers, on which
> > approach (whther it be one I've suggested, or a completely different
> > one) would be best. I would also welcome any input from users on what
> > features might be useful.
> Having just skimmed over the page, the first and only thing I will say 
> is
> beware of anything in scribus, scribusdoc, scribusview, page or
> pageitem .h/.cpp files. They are my major targets for major rework and 
> can
> change fairly quickly in terms of code location in just a day or two.

Tbh I would advice against doing anything atm, since I don't think we 
know yet where table support is going in 1.3.x.
According to our raodmap we will do a new fileformat in 1.3.2 (which 
*might* not affect tables), a complete rewrite of the text layout 
system in 1.3.3,, lots of style related chages in 1.3.4 and improved 
table support in 1.3.8.
Also note that tables are just a special case of inline objects which 
to my knowledge aren't yet supported by gtWriter at all.
Sorry if this sounds disappointing to you. You are of course welcome to 
discuss the future of tables with the developers, but Scribus will move 
fast and far in this area and it's no use for anyone if you make 
patches against an outdated version.


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