[Scribus] New format of Quark XPress - quick translation

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Thu May 26 23:09:17 CEST 2005

Hi all,

some of you have asked for a translation of the heise article.

Here is a quick and dirty one. I put in some html-tags for better 
reading in an browser (you know the drill).

<h>DTP software QuarkXPress 7 focusses on open standards</h>

<p>QuarkXPress 7 is expected to improve workflow and moves towards open 
standards. Quark wants to use the XML based jobticket (Job Definition 
Format) to improve interoperability. A jobticket contains metadata for 
printing jobs, as, for instance, information on colour separation, 
proof, exposure and material requirements.</p>

<p>Adobe, Agfa, MAN Roland and Heidelberger initiated the format. It 
combines the features of PPF (Print Production Format), originally 
established by Heidelberg and Fraunhofer-Institut for Graphical Data 
Processing (IGD) and Adobe's Portable Job Ticket Format (PJTF).</p>

<p>Quark Job Jackets, derived from JDF, users can control processes and 
workflow. Such informations can be integrated into a Quark project. Rule 
based preflight functions will make data ready for output at every point 
of the layout process. "Multichannel Publishing" will enable different 
flavours of one document, for instance Web and printing. By using 
Personalized print Markup Language (PPML), QuarkXPress will be suited 
for Database publishing.</p>

<p>With respect to layout, QuarkXPress 7 will offer more features than 
its predecessor. As an example, users will be able to adjust 
transparency of each object. This feature includes soft shadows and 
masks for bitmaps as PSD or TIFF files, including alpha channels. 
Moreover, the software will provide a soft proof feature, simulating 
RGB-CMYK conversion. Unicode support will facilitate the use of special 

<p>By introducing a new QuarkXPress format, which makes the content 
available through QuarkXPress Markup Language (QXML), developer will be 
able to write QuarkXTensions not only in C and C++, but also in Java, 
C#, VB.Net or any other scripting language. QXML is based on W3C's DOM 
standard. [...]</p>


I don't think the use of JDF is an option as it is encumbered by patents 
(See: http://www.cip4.org/documents/patents/patent_list.php).


"Attention is drawn to the fact that it is claimed that some approaches 
to compliance with some aspects of one or more CIP4 standards may 
involve the use of the following patents. The list below sets out all of 
those for which full details have been provided to the CIP4 association. 
CIP4 takes no position concerning the evidence, validity and scope of 
these patent rights.

The position taken by the holder of each of these identified patent 
rights is set out in the detailed listing. In each case the holder of 
the patent right has:

    1. assured CIP4 that they will grant licences at no cost, to 
applicants throughout the world for the purposes of implementing CIP4 
standards, or
    2. assured CIP4 that they are willing to negotiate licenses under 
reasonable and nondiscriminatory terms and conditions, or
    3. refused to offer the assurances listed under a) or b) to CIP4.

Attention is also drawn to the possibility that some of the elements of 
CIP4 standards may be the subject of patent rights other than those 
identified here. CIP4 shall not be held responsible for identifying any 
or all such patent rights."


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