[Scribus] Compiling Scribus on Ubuntu with apt-get -b problems :-(

Julian Robbins julian.robbins
Tue May 24 13:21:04 CEST 2005


Sorry, I use the list in digest mode, so its not easy to reply to a 
particular thread ;-(

I tried the useful suggestion from Sergio


apt-get source -b scribus scribus-cvs

After installing a multitude of dev packages, it was happy to go ahead and compile.  

But I get an error 'Qt (>=Qt3.3) (libraryqt-mt) not found
Make sure you have compiled QT with thread support'

Now this is annoying ! But my binary deb of qt-mt says in the package description that it does have threading with it.

Unfortunately, I'm not a developer and have probably spent far longer than I can justify on this.

I get the same error on 1.3 cvs and 1.2.1+CVS, so I'm really no better off.

Can anyone help please? I'm sure an Ubuntu user must have came across the same prob....

Best Regards,
Julian Robbins

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